Committees play a vital role in planning and preparing for the Annual Meeting & Expo. It simply could not get done without them, or YOU!

We need you to join a committee today! As a committee member, you get to add your experience, know-how, and put your fingerprints on, what's going to be the best Annual Meeting in YEARS!

Be as active or passive as you want. Just say hello, or maybe you want to run the show?


Host Chapter Booth Committee
- set up host chapter booth (October 19-20)
- staff host chapter booth during annual meeting (October 20-24)
- develop and design materials, handouts & promotional items
- disseminate materials, handouts & promotional items in booth

ACE Legacy Project Committee
- work with local ACE Mentor Program to design and build a landscape architecture project at a local school or community center
- support effort to obtain materials from ASLA exhibitors for project

Field Session Committee
- recruit and develop 15 field session proposals (due January 28)
- help ASLA staff determine logistics for selected field sessions
- staff field sessions on October 21